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Delivering value.

Consistently delivering superior returns

Unlocking the potential of great companies

Realising value for shareholders who trust us to deliver

Sector commercial and local insight…to maximise return potential

CVC Limited is an ASX listed diversified investment company, deploying capital across a variety of asset-classes including property, private equity and funds management.

Since 1985, CVC has demonstrated a proven, focused model, generating attractive returns to shareholders through careful investment selection, a patient outlook and an active approach which seeks to positively influence the performance of our investments. We are prepared to devote substantial time and resources to the achievement of growth or restructuring goals and the realisation phase of the investment lifecycle.

We focus heavily on the integrity and competence of our investments’ management team. Our cohesive investment team takes pride in having a collaborative, long-term, partnership-based approach to our investments, striving to forge close relationships with all stakeholders.