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About the CVC Emerging Companies Fund

The CVC Emerging Companies Fund (“Fund” or “CVCEC”) is a wholesale unit trust which invests in unlisted and listed emerging growth and expansion stage companies.

Quarterly Updates

31 December 2020 – Update of Fund Activities During the Quarter

30 September 2020 – Update of Fund Activities During the Quarter

30 June 2020 – Update of Fund Activities During the Quarter

31 March 2020 – Update of Fund Activities During the Quarter

31 December 2019 – Update of Fund Activities During the Quarter

30 September 2019 – Update of Fund Activities During the Quarter

30 June 2019 – Update of Fund Activities During the Quarter


CVC Emerging Companies Fund – 12-H Form

18 January 2021 – Distribution Announcement

31 October 2020 NTA Update

CVC Emerging Companies Fund – 12-H Form

22 October 2020 – Distribution Announcement

CVC Emerging Companies Fund – 12-H Form

22 September 2020 – Initial Distribution

16 September 2020 – Access Innovation Limited (AIM.ASX) Update

3 February 2020 – Investment Team Update

19 December 2019 – Trustee Update

20 June 2019 – Investment in Seed Assets Finalised and New Investment Undertaken

Investment Objective and Strategy

The Fund aims to provide investors with exposure to a well selected portfolio of 15-25 pre-IPO and expansion stage companies. The Fund’s objective is to generate superior long term returns for Investors through investments in listed and unlisted early and growth stage companies.

Ordinary and preferred equity, convertible notes; Typically 6–24 month timeframe to liquidity
Pre-IPO investments (partially) held post-IPO; Micro/small cap IPOs and placements

Why Emerging Companies

  • Private Company Exposure – Negotiated deals, private to public premium but avoid early stage risk
  • Strong Deal Flow – Meet with more than 200 qualified, private companies every year
  • Pathway to Liquidity – Companies on an IPO pathway, with clear line of sight to a liquidity event
  • Information Asymmetry – Access to competitive, strategic and operational private company information
  • Active Approach – Using active management as a source of performance

Investment Team

investment managers


The Fund is subject to a range of risks, please refer to the Risks section in the Information Memorandum and application form for a full summary of the risks before applying for Units in the Fund.


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