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BioPower Systems Pty Ltd

BioPower Systems Pty Ltd ("BPS") is a renewable energy systems company based in Sydney. BPS will use investment capital to design, build and install full-scale prototypes of the company's bioWAVE wave power and bioSTREAM tidal power systems for generating renewable energy. The project will build prototypes at two sites in Tasmania to test the wave and tidal energy technologies.


HydroChile logo

HydroChile Pty Limited

Chile has a shortage of available fossil fuel sources and a growing energy demand driven by its recent economic growth. HydroChile is an Australia company using the know-how and expertise of some of Australia's leading hydroelectricity experts to develop small scale run-of-river hydro projects in Chile.


wind corp

Wind Corporation Australia

Wind Corporation Australia Limited (“WCA”) is an energy development company with a portfolio of both existing and planned wind energy projects and a small number of investments in clean energy oriented companies within Australia such as Babcock & Brown Wind Partners (ASX: BBW). WCA was established in 2000 by founding investor CVC REEF Limited to develop and commission the Hampton Wind Park. Hampton is a 1.32 MW wind farm located near Lithgow in NSW which supplies renewable electricity to the main electricity grid and is wholly owned by WCA.